Michell Medellin

Michell has a degree in Marketing from the University of North Texas and assisted The Art Institute of Dallas for Graphic Design. She has experience working in K-12 Administration, Academia, as well as working with underserved communities and nonprofits. She has experience in recruiting, marketing, advertising, sales and graphic design.

Michell completed one of her two internships at The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, as a Marketing Specialist Intern during their Centennial Year in 2010 where she worked in the Marketing Department helping compile the content of their centennial marketing collateral by reading the minutes of one of Dallas’ oldest nonprofits board meetings. In addition, Michell worked with KIPP DFW (Knowledge is Power Program), the largest network of free K-12 charter schools in the U.S whose mission is to help underserved communities make it to and through college and beyond. At KIPP, she held the position of Community Liaison, attending community events, doing presentation, and creating awareness for KIPP. She recruited the most number of students to the school and obtained the first student waiting list which has not been accomplished again since her employment in 2011.

After working for KIPP, Michell worked for The Art Institute of Dallas as an Assistant Director of Admissions. She worked matching artistic students to a creative career and enjoyed helping students take the first step towards a creative career. Because she is creative herself, she decided being part of Color Me Empowered was the perfect way to expose underserved communities to the arts. She is currently the Advertising Product Manager for a Hispanic product at a national advertising company.

Carlton Odom

Carlton has been in the marketing and public relations field in health care and arts/entertainment for the past 25 years. He has created and supported fundraising events for organizations such as: The International Refugee Committee, Make A Wish, The American Cancer Society, and Children's Medical Center. Organizations that Carlton has partnered with to promote include: The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Dallas Museum of Art, and Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet.

Carlton currently serves on the board of Color Me Empowered and has been an advisor to The Office of Cultural Affairs and The Dance Council.

Currently, we are partnering with community leaders and non-profits to collaboratively leverage each other's mission.

If you have a great idea about how we can involve underserved communities with different types of art programs, please contact us to discuss a possible opportunity.

Our Core Values are

Creativity, optimism, kidness, consistency, self-respect, compassion, cultural sensitivity, sustainbility, and transparency.

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